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Maryann Boysen

Maryann Boysen

Chagrin Falls, OH


Mary Ann Boysen, (440-667-7276) Chagrin Falls watercolorist since 1974, began her career when she moved there by doing sketches of local landmarks. Then she attempted painting in watercolor, which had been her desire since college. After studying with Florian Lawton, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, and numerous other experienced watercolorists from around the country, she blossomed with courage and determination to have this as her medium of choice. Having only studied watercolor for one year and three months, she won Best in Show at Gates Mills in April of 1975. Wanting to catch up after years of no artistic endeavor, she painted 10 to 12 hours a day…stopping only to feed and clothe her children, help with homework, drive them to activities and tuck them in bed. You might say she was driven.

She has been on the internet since 1995 with her first website:, then her teaching site:, and now her Fineartamerican site. She also has 15 Youtube videos of painting in watercolor: and several E-books featuring how to paint various subjects.

When she began selling her paintings her comment was, “the color of incentive is green”…meaning that the sales gave her the incentive to paint more and more. There wasn’t a subject she didn’t try, and after years of practice, awards and such she opened her own gallery and framing business on Main St., in Chagrin Falls.

Running a gallery and painting to fill it, took her away from most of the national circuit of competitions, though she still would enter the Ohio Watercolor Society shows on occasion. But she already had over 30 national shows and awards to her credit. Each one is a “business” and it was difficult to do both at the same time.

It was only after leaving her gallery in 2001 that she realized that teaching and traveling were the things that she missed and wanted to do more of, so she began taking students to Europe, thereby being able to paint in the famous places she had studied, like Monet’s Garden, the streets of Paris, and other locations in Provence in the south of France. Then she took her talent to South Africa to work in an AIDS hospice for children, painting their little portraits and giving them to the children, who, by the way, had never seen their faces other than in the reflections of windows. She traveled there twice to do this bidding.

She has managed her website since 1995, and has developed another for free lessons to aspiring artists:
For her online students, at she has produced e-books for learning how to paint specific subjects on optional surfaces:
Painting on Watercolor Canvas
Learning the Basics of Watercolor Painting
Painting Flowers in Watercolor

She has taught around the USA, and frequently does painting demonstrations for art groups. Her classes focus on painting on optional surfaces, because she has taken her career in a different direction. She started painting on Fredrix Watercolor Canvas several years ago, and wrote her first e-book about that. Then she was approached by the Rtistx company in Texas to try their Rtistx Board, and she fell in love with that as well. She has won awards in shows with paintings on both of those surfaces. In this show you will see paintings on the traditional watercolor paper, R-tistx Board, Fredrix Watercolor Canvas, and tempered masonite.

Most recently she won Best in Show at Gates Mills in 2011, and the Paul Meunier Award in 2012 for another painting of a bird’s nest. In 2009 she won First place at Gates Mills for a painting on Rtistx Board. She also teaches on Ampersand Aquabord, and of course on the traditional watercolor paper. Her aim is to introduce the student to options that they never had before a few years ago. The Ohio Watercolor Society has now relaxed its rules about painting on surfaces other than paper, and she sold her bird’s nest painting last year at the Canton Museum that was on Rtistix board. One of her paintings will be featured on the Rtistx Board watercolor surface labels soon. These paintings are sealed and do not require glass when framing.

In addition to her websites, she has produced 15 videos that appear on Youtube: and she has followers from all over the world. She has also been featured in several magazines and in the Best in America art books, 2010 and 2011.

Since retiring from the national juried show circuit, she is spending more time with fine crafts for the Children’s Guild of Cleveland, and is the co-chair for the Creations Benefit in October, for the second year. The Children’s Guild has re-invented her, you might say. Her love for crafts goes back to her childhood and discovering new ways to put “old” things together to make “new” things is exciting to her.

Teaching Experience
• Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland,OH

• Cheekwood Museum, Nashville, TN

• Kingsport Art Association, Kingsport, TN

• Art Association of SouthernPines, NC

• Springfield Art Association, OH

• Private workshops in Tampa FL,
....Evansville IN, Hawaii and ....Trinidad/Tobago

• Lakeside Association, Lakeside, OH

• Valley Art Center, Chagrin Falls, OH

• Orange Art Center, Pepper Pike, OH 

• Wildwood Art Center, Mentor, OH

• Painesville Art Center, Painesville, OH

• Western Ohio Watercolor Society, Dayton

• Tennessee Art League, Nashville, TN 

• Martin Center, Brentwood TN 

• my studio, Paintin’ Place, Novelty, OH

• LIMA Area Arts Council, Lima, OH
Workshops and Painting Abroad
• Northern France(Paris, Renazé and Giverny),

• Tuscany
(Massa Marittima, San Giminano, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni, Siena)
• Venice
• Provence,(Cassis, Arles, Aix, Rousillon, St. Remy)

• Greece
• Turkey
• Mexico

• South Africa (Capetown, Sparrow Village)
National Juried Competitions
• American Watercolor Society

• Chautauqua National

• Watercolor Ohio (awards)

• Kentucky Watercolor Society (award)s

• Michigan Watercolor Society
• Mississippi Grand National (award)
• Greater New Orleans International ...(award)

• American Artist MagazineCompetition, ....finalist

• Boston Mills Juried Art Festival

• Audubon Artists Juried Competition

• Ohio Watercolor Society (awards)

• Ohio State U. National Watermedia ...Invitational

• San Diego Watercolor Society

• Georgia Watercolor Society

• Midwest Watercolor Society

• Pittsburgh Aqueous

• Southern Watercolor Society

• Rocky Mountain National

• Salmagundi Club

• Bluegrass Painting Exhibition (awards)

• Cain Park Juried Art Festival

• Cincinnati Museum of Natural History ....Invitational

• Art Pro National, Ann Arbor Michigan

• Associated Artists of Winston-Salem
• Bank One, Cleveland

• KeyCorp, Cleveland

• Nestles Corp/ Cleveland/Denver

• National City Bank, Cleveland

• Deposit Guaranty Bank, Jackson, MS

• Wachovia National Bank, Charlotte, NC

• Ohio Bar Association, Columbus

•Cummins Diesel, Cleveland and many others
• Artist Sketchbook Magazine, June 2004

• Art-to-Art Palette, Spring, 2005

• Author of e-book, Painting on Watercolor Canvas, June, 2006 

•Author of e-book, Painting Flowers in Watercolor, 2009 

•Author of e-book, Learning the Basics in Watercolor, 2009
Best of Artists (watercolor) 2010 and 2011


Preparing my subject by Maryann Boysen


Storm's a Brewin' by Maryann Boysen


Breaking the Silence by Maryann Boysen


Cote d'Azur Harbor Boats by Maryann Boysen


Triangle Park in Winter by Maryann Boysen


Spring Omelet by Maryann Boysen


Chautauqua Bell Tower and BEach by Maryann Boysen


Severance Hall by Maryann Boysen


Ice Cream Social and Strawberry Festival, Lakeside, OH by Maryann Boysen


Steele Memorial Bandstand by Maryann Boysen


Lakeside Dock and Pavilion by Maryann Boysen


Hotel Lakeside by Maryann Boysen


Chautauqua Strawberry Festival by Maryann Boysen


Wind on the Dunes by Maryann Boysen


Conversation on the Beach by Maryann Boysen


The Dune Builder by Maryann Boysen


Moonlit Waves by Maryann Boysen


Sunset on the Beach by Maryann Boysen


Arles Fabric Shop by Maryann Boysen


Cafe de Flores by Maryann Boysen


Shopping Montmartre by Maryann Boysen


Shells in Pensacola Sand by Maryann Boysen


Pensacola Sand and Shells by Maryann Boysen


Montmartre in the Rain by Maryann Boysen


Freshening Up II by Maryann Boysen


Freshening Up by Maryann Boysen


Amish Autumn by Maryann Boysen


Coming and Going by Maryann Boysen


Monet's Pond by Maryann Boysen


Blossoms in the Wild by Maryann Boysen


Magnolias in Bloom by Maryann Boysen


Treetops by Maryann Boysen


Autumn Pond by Maryann Boysen


Nest of Kin by Maryann Boysen


A Feathered Nest by Maryann Boysen


Baskets in the Sun by Maryann Boysen


River Road Winter by Maryann Boysen


Those Who Stand and Wait by Maryann Boysen


The Federated Church by Maryann Boysen


There's Time to Rest After Dinner by Maryann Boysen


Ever Been to Rockport? by Maryann Boysen


Chagrin River in Spring by Maryann Boysen


A Hole in One by Maryann Boysen


Spring Break by Maryann Boysen


In the Midst of Winter by Maryann Boysen


Le Petit Trianon Heron by Maryann Boysen


Red Tulips in my Garden by Maryann Boysen


Great Expectations by Maryann Boysen